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Hannah Leonard - Volunteer Profile


Name: Hannah Leonard

Age: 20

Course: Physics with Biomedical Science

Ambition: To own a Corgi and name him William


Volunteer Experience


Localise, RAG, Irish Cancer Society, SVP



Localise was brought to my attention at age 12 in primary school and so I joined the following year until I eventually became the adult leader guiding them towards volunteering. As I was so passionate about this project, I sought out a society like RAG that would allow me to continue giving back throughout my college career. It was through both RAG and Localise that I have been able to help organisations such as SVP and the Irish Cancer Society.



I find nothing more enjoyable than making someone’s life a little (or hopefully a lot) easier. It is so simple to make a difference in somebody’s life whether it be a passing moment in their day or something they remember for years to come. Either way, happiness is something to share and not solely consume - I find it only grows richer the more it goes around.


Best memory

One of my fondest memories of volunteering was with Localise. We went to sing for the old folks in a home in Swords when one of the residents asked to join in. Within minutes, the place was filled with the kids and old folks singing ‘Que Sera’. To see so many people at different stages of life, smiling and singing “whatever will be will be” was just so peaceful, sweet and endlessly wholesome.


One thing you’ve learned from giving back

Giving back is not a one way system, you learn, you laugh and you live a little differently because it really makes a difference to you.


Somewhere you’ve always wanted visit

Killarney (I’ve been a million times but in never gets old)


Random fact about you

I once had lunch with a Dragon from Dragon’s Den

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