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Jack Porter - Volunteer Profile


Name: Jack Porter

Age: 20

Course: International Business with Spanish

Ambition: Live beside the beach


Volunteer Experience


Dublin Diocesan Pilgrimage in Lourdes, SVP, RAG - Aisling Project



I started volunteering in secondary school with the Saint Vincent de Paul in the inner city, leading a North soup run. Some of my teachers encouraged us to get involved and my family also pushed me to be more involved wherever I can.

I travelled to Lourdes for the first time while in school. It was a great experience and I met so many new people which is why I continue to return every year with the Dublin Diocesan Pilgrimage in September, this year being my third year volunteering there.

Getting involved with RAG was easy because the friends I made were also involved in the society. I really enjoyed GoGAGA in particular, coaching the kids every week is a highlight of my college year and I’m looking forward to continue with all these aspects of volunteer work in the future.



I volunteer because I love the expressions on people’s faces when you make them smile or joke about, and they enjoy themselves


Best memory

My best memory from volunteering occurred last year. During GoGAGA, DCU students coach a group of primary school kids in from the Aisling Project GAA once a week. One of the days, we were going to be short on volunteers and I didn’t fancy taking on a group of 30 plus kids on my own. So I asked my friend to help and he came along willingly. He got slagged by the kids and they taunted him all throughout the session but he had a laugh all the same.


One thing you’ve learned from giving back

One thing I’ve learned from giving back, particularly in Lourdes, is that you get much more out of it than what you put in.


Somewhere you’ve always wanted visit



Random fact about you

Sometimes when it’s cold I sleep in my socks

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