Great Links to check out!

Great Links to check out!

Great Links to check out!

Great Links

Comhlamh - Volunteering Options
Visit the Comhlámh Volunteer Programme website to find out everything there is to know about international volunteering.

Comhlamh - Volunteering Oversees: Where to start

Visit the Comhlámh Volunteering oversees guide which will encourage you to think critically about your motivations for volunteering overseas and invite you to engage in debate around development issues and the connection with responsible volunteering.

Comhlámh Code of Good Practice - Click Here

Comhlámh Volunteer Charter - Click Here

Comhlámh Social Media Guidelines - Click Here

They introduce approaches to development, Code of good Practice for Sending Agencies and examine the Volunteer Charter and explore how action for development continues after an overseas experience.

Dochas - Guide to choosing an effective overseas development NGO
Visit the Dochas website for great tips on recognising effective NGOs, with their guide on questions to ask and special website on emergency help How You Can Help. Taking pictures while you are overseas? Read the Dochas guide to good images.

Dochas Code of Good Conduct for Images and Messages pdf - PDF

Galway One World Centre

GOWC is a meeting point for people looking for information on a variety of development topics, including Human Rights, Anti-Racism, and Globalisation. They are located in Galway-drop in for a visit!

Irish Aid - Volunteer Centre
The Irish Aid website acts as a guide to volunteering, allowing the individual to review all the options available to them - short term, long term, online volunteering or volunteering in Ireland in support of overseas development. This website also helps individuals to start thinking about volunteering, to look at the various options, question why they want to volunteer and what do they want to get out of their assignment. 
The International Volunteerism Resource Center (IVRC) is an online resource designed to help you make informed decisions about volunteering in another country.

Washington Ireland Program 
The Washington-Ireland Program for Service and Leadership (WIP), is a six-month program of personal and professional development that brings outstanding Protestant and Catholic university students from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to Washington, DC for summer internships and leadership training. The program begins and ends with practical service in Northern Ireland and Ireland.

European Voluntary Service (EVS)

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) gives 18-25 year olds the opportunity to spend from 3 weeks to 12 months in another European country, as a volunteer on a project which benefits the local community. It is funded by the EC, so the young person has all costs paid for (travel, insurance, accommodation, language tuition etc).Where can I learn more about EVS? Learn all about EVS on the Leargas website. Leargas are the national agency which promote and support EVS volunteering. At NUI Galway, ALIVE is the accredited sending agency for NUI Galway students.EVS is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Don't miss out on this unique chance to work with youth in Italy, an environmental project in Germany, people with disabilities in Poland, new communities in France..the list goes on!

World Volunteer Web
The World Volunteer Web supports the volunteer community by serving as a global clearinghouse for information and resources linked to volunteerism that can be used for campaigning, advocacy and networking. It is an online hub where the community can meet, share resources and coordinate activities to mobilize volunteer action in support of the Millennium Development Goals.

United Nations Volunteers 
The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme is the UN organization that contributes to peace and development through volunteerism worldwide. Volunteerism is a powerful means of engaging people in tackling development challenges, and it can transform the pace and nature of development. Volunteerism benefits both society at large and the individual volunteer by strengthening trust, solidarity and reciprocity among citizens, and by purposefully creating opportunities for participation.

Department of Foreign Affairs

The Department of Foreign Affairs' website offers a range of information that will be of use to people who are travelling overseas. This includes information on passports, visas and insurance. Read the travel advice!

Tropical Medical Bureau

Important medical updates and summaries - a must read!


Adopting a learning Approach 

When you are volunteering oveseas, you must anchor all your actions in a belief in global equity and a commitment to redressing injustices. This is called adopting a learning approach. Here are some key elements of adopting a learning approach:

  • Willingness to work with compassion- demonstrate respect and kindness, and encourage this of others.
  • Openness to change- it is important to be inquisitive and receptive to learning, to see things through the eyes and experienes of others and to be willing to do things differently.
  • Respect for diversity- volunteers working overseas should strive to appreciate different realities, the causes and consequesnces of a new context, as well as people's existing capacities; being fixed on a single way of doing things prevents creativity!
  • Openness to mutual learning-  engaging others in discussions can help facilitate the exchange of knowledge
  • Interest in raising our own consciousness- with heightened consciousness, we are better able to act on ethical values like human rights and social justice. 


Keeping a refective Journal 

While you are away, it is really helpful to keep a journal of your expereinces. This will help you to relfect on your emotions, learn about yourself and also will be a way to keep a record of all the things that happen during your volunteering! 

We have a limited number of Comhlamh Volunteer Journals in the ALIVE office. If you are interested, please contact 



Staying Engaged

So you've just come back from volunteering overseas and you don't want the experience to end? It doesn't have to! You can continue your volunterring journey by getting involved in your local community! Check out all the great volunteering opportunities available on


Apply for the Global Citizen's Award

The Global Citizen Award is a personal development award that enables you to share your overseas volunteering experiences and help raise awareness of global issues in Ireland. The Award is free and open to all returned international volunteers. It offers you an opportunity to take what you have experienced overseas and continue to make a difference to Global Justice issues right here at home. Find out more about how to apply here.


Apply for the EIL Seed Fund

Bring your awareness raising idea to life!

It can be challenging when we have returned from oversea projects to continue to support worthy causes such as the ones we encountered abroad. There are many ways we can promote and highlight the issues and injustices witnessed. 

On a long-term basis, an effective way in which volunteers can truly make a difference is to educate others about global justice, the Global Goals and the lives of ordinary people in the global south.

EIL recognizes that it can be difficult for returned volunteers to continue their engagement here in Ireland. They may face financial barriers, time constraints or be unable to access the necessary help and support.

The EIL Seed Fund Micro Grant Scheme exists to assist returned volunteers to overcome these barriers by providing successful applicants with funding, guidance and support to implement their own awareness-raising projects in Ireland.

Volunteers can apply to the Seed Fund as individuals or as part of a group. Both application forms are available online. 


News Updates 

EIL Scholarship 2017/2018:

EIL is an opportunity to engage in international volunteering with a twist. International volunteering is about learning from and with others. EIL are offering scholarships for international engagement with learning at the centre.

5 Awards available to NUI Galway students
8 weeks volunteering and cultural immersion programmes
Fully funded!
Destinations include: Mexico, Thailand, Guatemala, South Africa etc.
Apply Now! Deadline and information from

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