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Community Partner Survey


To all our Community Partners, 

We welcome your input and greatly appreciate your time to complete a short survey on your work and student volunteering opportunities. This is valuable to your work, to student volunteers and to our network in higher education. 

  • Survey Close: Friday 27th June
  • Results of Survey Shared: Please visit this page after the survey close to see the results. 


Why survey?

There are 230,000 students currently registered in higher education and a significant number of these are interested in volunteering this summer and into the new academic term.

Many of these students are located in their home communities spreading across Ireland. 

Students have a wide variety of skills they can offer and insights they can bring in a large area of subjects: IT (Microsoft office etc), Social Media (design, campaigns etc), Law (equality, legal documents etc) ; Business (HR, Accounts, Strategic Planning etc); Engineering (design re social distancing);  Arts (political, music, etc); Sports (online/offline physical activity, Heath Care, Education (all subject areas).

For example do you have documents that need proofreading; a social media account that needs updating; website proofing; online exercise classes; educational supports.

Join Us! enables students to have the opportunity to: enrich your personal development and employability skills, have a fun experience, meet new people, and give back to your community. Sign up now.

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