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Fête KultuRel Festival


Fête KultuRel Festival

Voluntary Service International


At a Glance

  • Start Date:16/06/2019
  • End Date:25/06/2019
  • Closing date:09/06/2019
  • Post Updated:11/04/2019
  • Min Hours:10+ hr/ week
  • Role Type:Arts – music, drama, crafts

Requirements:Come prepared to work hard and maintain an upbeat energy with all visitors


Voluntary Service International (VSI)& is the Irish branch of Service Civil International, a worldwide peace movement that began in 1920. We work to promote peace, social justice, sustainable development and intercultural understanding. We do this through volunteering activities internationally and in Ireland. VSI is a registered charity in Ireland (Charity Number: CHY 9220).

Description: “House of Religions - Dialogue of Cultures”: 5 places of worship under the same roof: a mosque, a Hindu temple, an Alevi dergâh, a Buddhist center and a church. 3 other religious communities - Jews, Baha’i and Sikhs – are part of the association. The heart of the house is the dialogue area, which is dedicated to educational services, activities for families and young people, exhibitions, lectures and round tables, and hosts an ayurvedic-kosher restaurant. Our goal is to reach more than just the peaceful coexistence. As a laboratory of living together we invite all interested people – religious or not – to experience and maintain a dialogue beyond the frontiers of religion, language and culture. There is no alcohol sold at the festival as some religions have the maxim to abstain from it.

Type of Work: “Fête KultuRel”: A 3-4 days festival with contributions of different communities, organizations and individuals. The festival and the preparations of it are an opportunity to meet and connect, to work together, and to celebrate cultural and religious diversity.

Prepare the space, where part of the festival will take place (under a bridge, on concrete, quite an “urban scenery”)

Help in the setting up and removing of the stage and other infrastructure for the festival (may be early in the morning or late at night)

Study Theme: We’ll tell you about the history, the goals and the work of the House of Religions – Dialogue of Cultures and show you the house, including mosque (islamic), church (christian), temple (hindu), dergâh (alevi), center (buddhist) that are all part of it (about 1.5 hours). We inform you about the “Fête KultuRel” and your part in it.

Accommodation: You will be hosted in an apartment - the specific facility is not yet known. Please bring a sleeping bag and if you wish your own comfortable sleeping mat. Access to a washing machine can be arranged. Internet will be available through the Wifi in the "House of Religions". On Tuesday and Wednesday you can have an ayurvedic-kosher lunch at the "House of Religions". During the Fête KultuRel lunch and dinner will be available at the festival (Thursday - Sunday). Other meals and breakfast need to be organised amongst the SCI volunteers - a budget will be provided.

Language: Required language is English and / or German. In case you do not speak English, be aware you might not be able to communicate with all other international SCI volunteers directly, but you are nevertheless welcome!

Is training provided?: Yes

Details of time commitment needed for role:
This is a week long volunteer commitment in Switzerland. Local language is Swiss German. Some people in the project speak German, Tamil, Kurdish and many other languages.

Minimum time commitment per week:
10+ hour p/week


If you have any questions about this role please feel free to get in touch:

Name: Mateja Jakšić

Address: Voluntary Service International, 30 Mountjoy Square East, Dublin 1


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