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Clare Bohan - Volunteer Profile


Name: Clare Bohan

Age: 23

Course: Bsc. Psychology (Class of 2016), Masters by Research (currently)

Ambition: To secure Phd funding and complete a Phd


Volunteer Experience


I volunteered with RAG during my time as an undergrad. This involved working mainly with the Aisling Project in Ballymun and some other outside organisations such as local secondary school Trinity Comprehensive and SVP.



I completed a module in first year in ‘Positive Psychology’. For this module I had to complete a period of volunteering in the community. We had a Raising & Giving society member come in and chat to us about their opportunities and I decided to get involved.

The first project I took on was ‘Wacky Whistle’ - we worked with the Aisling Project in Ballymun teaching tin whistle to the kids after school. I then got involved in ‘Go GaGa for GAA’. Children from the Aisling Project would come down to DCU for football training sessions once a week.



I originally got involved with volunteering for module credit but ended up sticking with it for four years. I served as Social Project manager with RAG for one of those years. My reasons for sticking with it vary - I made so many friends through the society as a whole. The volunteering aspect just became a weekly habit/activity I did with my friends. The kids we were involved with derived so much from simple football coaching, it was such a privilege to watch them grow and thrive week on week.


Best memory

When I was in first year we were invited by the Aisling Project to help out backstage at their Christmas play. We spent the whole evening colouring and entertaining the kids - it was just so memorable!


One thing you’ve learned from giving back

There is always enough time in your week to give up 1 hour to benefit someone else. In the long run you will feel so much better for it.


Somewhere you’ve always wanted visit

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil!


Random fact about you

I love buttered Rich Tea biscuits - people either get this...or they really don’t!

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