About StudentVolunteer.ie

About StudentVolunteer.ie

About StudentVolunteer.ie

Studentvolunteer.ie is a network of Irish higher education institutions that have come together to create an online resource to connect students and Volunteer Involving Organisations such as community groups, charities, schools, hospitals, public bodies, non profits and NGOs across Ireland. 

StudentVolunteer.ie is funded by each higher education member institution.


Student Volunteer Ireland

Student Volunteer Ireland manage StudentVolunteer.ie and comprise of Executive, Management and Advisory Groups to guide the growth and development of StudentVolunteer.ie. 


Why join studentvolunteer.ie?

Higher Education Institutions

Members of StudentVolutneer.ie avail of the following:

  • Online management tool to match your students with community.
  • Connect with community organisations to develop your partnership work.
  • Be part of a shared network for conferences, workshops and support to enhance your student volunteering expereinces.
  • Encourages good practice and building capacity to support the management of volunteering opportunities and data to provide evidence on the quantity and quality of student volunteering activity.

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Our Mission Statement:

To consolidate, strengthen, enable, and promote higher education (HE) student volunteering in Ireland. Our work focuses on delivering higher education civic engagement policies and practices by acknowledging, sustaining, growing, reporting, researching, and recognising student volunteers across the sector.

Our Vision Statement:

Every third-level student in Ireland has the opportunity to volunteer and this activity is recognised and supported throughout their volunteering journey.

Our Strategic Plan:

Read our report that documents our history, our impact and our plans for growing student volunteering movements across Ireland. 

The Value and Impact of Higher Education Student Volunteering in Ireland: Delivering Purpose through Practice

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StudentVolunteer.ie enables students to have the opportunity to: enrich your personal development and employability skills, have a fun experience, meet new people, and give back to your community. Sign up now.

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