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Conor Balfe - Volunteer Profile


Name: Conor Balfe

Age: 20

Course: Contemporary Culture & Society

Ambition: Having a pet goat that is crowned King of the Puck Fair


Volunteer Experience


SVP, St John’s Ambulance, RAG



I was looking for a society to join in DCU and I wanted to volunteer. RAG seemed like the perfect fit, all the volunteers were really friendly and the volunteer programs suited my timetable.



I wanted to give back more and I volunteered in the past. I was informed by RAG members that they volunteer with kids from disadvantaged areas. I moved around a lot as child, meaning I met with kids from all backgrounds. I understood how volunteering can help these kids, so I wanted to provide that help.


Best memory

Taking part in RAG Rumble this year - committing myself to being up early for training, getting into shape, helping to raise funds for RAG projects and helping people through the hard work myself and others were doing.


One thing you’ve learned from giving back

Even though a person may not say thank you, at the end of the day they appreciate all that you do


Somewhere you’ve always wanted visit

The island of New Ireland off the coast of Papua New Guinea


Random fact about you

I’ve a great passion for building sandcastles

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