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DCU Student Volunteers Share Their Experiences


DCU Volunteering team, jointly with DCU Marketing Office and DCU Students' Union, interviewed some of our university's students who have been involved in volunteering. Have a look and listen to the brilliant accounts of their experiences and why making a difference and making connections through volunteering is a big part of university life.

The campaign was coordinated by Lara Roche, DCU Student Volunteering and Digital Communications.

Eimear Maguire (DCU SU VP for Engagement and Development 2016/2017) - "Even one hour a day makes a difference"

Nono Madolo (DCU Interfaith Centre, Barnardos, Dublin Central Mission) - "My favourite part of volunteering is exploring new cultures, and new countries, and mostly being able to help other people"


Cody Byrne (DCU SU VP for Welfare and Equality 2016/2017) - "Through volunteering you have an opportunity to rediscover your own backyard as well as the world" 

Vito Moloney Burke (DCU Raising and Giving) - "We make a big impact on campus on a weekly basis, but that's nothing in comparison to the impact we make on the local community"

David Curtis (DCU Enactus) - "Whether you're into arts, looking to help local charities, empower local kids, or just change the world..."


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