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Kevin Cleary - Volunteer Profile


Name: Kevin Cleary

Age: 21

Course: Computer Applications

Ambition: To learn how to sign


Volunteer Experience


Special Olympics Ireland, DCU Societies



For Special Olympics, friends/neighbours have volunteered before and I was very interested so signed up on a whim one rainy day in February.

With the societies, my involvement began as I was interested in drama but escalated as I made friends and wanted to get more involved in DCU society life.



There is such a buzz and excitement about being involved with something outside of yourself, especially when you get to help someone else out. I took part in RAG Rumble and Strictly Come Pole Dancing to raise funds for charity (got bate & got naked for charity) but it was not only so much fun but also an amazing thing to know you were helping out a brilliant cause at the same time.


Best memory

During Special Olympics, the absolute craic you have feeding off the buzz of the athletes, seeing them all enjoying themselves and having a right laugh.


One thing you’ve learned from giving back

It never feels like you’re losing anything or parting with anything when ‘giving back’, it feels so rewarding to help


Somewhere you’ve always wanted visit

The upstairs toilets in the Computing Building


Random fact about you

Keeping that one a deep, dark secret..

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