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Stefan Stroe - Volunteer Profile


Name: Stefan Stroe

Age: 21

Course: Marketing, Innovation & Technology

Ambition: Develop the professional skills needed to become a great businessman while concentrating on my personal attributes that will help me live my best life.


Volunteer Experience


RAG, Threshold, DCU Athletic Boxing Club, Irish Heart Foundation, Aisling Project, SU Volunteer Crew



I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and be part of the boxing team in my second year of college, so I was suggested the role of treasurer by the chairperson. I ended up getting the position, which placed me in a group of like-minded and really talented people. This led me to get involved in other side projects like RAG Rumble, a white collar boxing event run by the Raising & Giving society which eventually made me get more involved with RAG. It ended up with me volunteering in Amsterdam for an underdeveloped local elderly community with the RAG society, which was an unbelievable experience.



I got involved because I knew I needed to get out of my comfort zone to really experience all of the joys of college life. I wanted to meet young people that had a similar outlook about life.


Best memory

I volunteered for the Aisling Project for a short while which was a great experience. Helping kids after school with their homework and reading helped me gain a different perspective on how different people learn and how complicated it is to teach children certain good qualities like empathy, compassion and confidence.


One thing you’ve learned from giving back

You get more satisfaction by involving yourself in something that's bigger than you


Somewhere you’ve always wanted visit



Random fact about you

I like to dance and to learn new ways of dancing. From swing to salsa, I find them really intriguing.

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