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Vito Moloney Burke - Volunteer Profile


Name: Vito Moloney Burke

Age: 21

Course: Business Studies

Ambition: To always be doing something I’m passionate about, regardless of industry. Call me your cliche machine.


Volunteer Experience


RAG, HeadstARTS, Head coach of Mobhi Magic FC Special Olympics football team



My grand ambition was to find a society in DCU that I could volunteer with once in a while. That society that I found was RAG. Rather than getting involved “every once in a while", I ended up becoming First Year Rep, throwing myself into the deep end and loving every second of it.



Once I got involved with RAG, I was hooked - I loved getting out into the local community to give a hand, learn a lot about the world and meet tonnes of amazing people in the process.


Best memory

Helping out in Germany’s largest refugee centre with RAG is something that will always be a life highlight. However, an impromptu attending of the Aisling Project Christmas show last year caught me by surprise and overwhelmed me to see first hand all of the work we do and the people we help wrapped up into a nice package of perspective.  


One thing you’ve learned from giving back

Life is so much more than what I thought it was coming into college. At the time I was driven by landing a job in some large corporate that would give me a nice big pay cheque every month and not much else. Now I’m a lot more confused as to what life is about, and I’m dead happy about that.


Somewhere you’ve always wanted visit



Random fact about you

At the ripe old age of four I had two genuine alter egos;

Ted Quad = my twin brother who was a policeman by night

Baby Sue = a down-and-out cross dresser from deep Texas

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