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Collection in Aid of the Capuchin Day Centre


UCD in the Community held a campus-wide collection in aid of the Capuchin Day Centre‌ for homeless people from November 6 - 10 2017. The Capuchin Day Centre provide food aid, amongst other services, to those who have no home or are socially excluded. They serve breakfast and lunch each day and deliver food parcels every Wednesday. In addition, the Capuchin Day Centre have a designated family facility, where families can enjoy a nutritious meal in comfort and safety. They provide clothing when available and have shower facilities on site, and provide fresh underwear and personal hygiene products to service users. A vital component of the service, the Capuchin Day Centre provide friendship, advocacy and general social supports as much as they can.

We would like to thank staff and students for their donations to the collection. The collection drop-off areas were located at three points across campus - on the ground floor of science (East), An Cuas in the Newman building and on the ground floor of the Quinn School of Business. We thank the staff of these buildings for being so accommodating during the collection. 

We were thrilled with the large volume received for the collection, as were the Capuchin Day Centre. Many thanks again to all who donated!

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