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UCD in the Community Volunteering Awards


UCD in the Community is delighted to announce the first UCD in the Community Volunteering Awards 2020/21.


The UCD in the Community Student Volunteering Awards aim to celebrate and recognise student volunteering in the community (with volunteer-involving organisations) and in UCD activities, such as clubs, societies, peer mentoring, class representatives and the SU.

There are three awards available to UCD students, Bronze, Silver and Gold as outlined below:

BRONZE:  20 hours of volunteering

SILVER:  40 hours of volunteering

GOLD:  60+ hours of volunteering

All types of volunteering are recognised, perhaps you volunteer with your local sports club, or in a nursing home, maybe you did some remote volunteering online or some fundraising for a charity, or you could have volunteered with a social justice or environmental group. You may have volunteered in Dublin, in UCD, in your hometown or internationally. 


  • The UCD SVA is based on the amount of hours volunteered

  • Students have the opportunity to earn a Bronze, Silver or Gold award every year, a minimum of 20 hours of volunteering activity is needed to apply

  • For the first year of the Awards, volunteering hours must be completed from June 2019 to May 2021 inclusive

  • The volunteering role/task undertaken must be extra-curricular and without payment or course credit

  • Please only include volunteering from your time as a UCD student - you can include summer volunteering, during the dates outlined above (between 1st and 2nd year and so on)

  • The award is awarded to students who have completed an application form with reflective questions (available from the UCD in the Community website here) and have their volunteering hours logged on and signed off by their volunteering supervisor/volunteering organisation contact.

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