How it Works?


What is the National Volunteer Database STUDENTVOLUNTEER.IE?

A new web based third level national database for volunteering & student-led engagement opportunities. 

What is the Purpose of the National Volunteer Database STUDENTVOLUNTEER.IE?

It will facilitate students to apply for volunteer opportunities to enrich their civic roles, personal development and employability skills; have a fun experience and made new life long friends; attain a Volunteer Certificate on completion from their institution; learn from community which could enhance academic learning; build personal knowledge and skills while contributing to the capacity of communities.

What is a CMS (Content Management System)?

A CMS (Content Management System) enables HEI staff to publish web content collaboratively across Irish Higher Education to avoid duplication and run a cost-effective engagement framework.

What is a HEI Database Administrator?

A HEI Database Administrator is assigned in each institution to manage locally the National Volunteer Database.    

Each HEI Database Administrator will be assigned a username and password to access the system.

What is my role as a HEI Database Administrator?

As each HEI would have its own space an administrator would be charged with managing volunteering programmes within their institution. They would have the following features available to them:

  • Manage the CMS -‐‐ Content management system
  • Create new volunteering initiatives
  • Manage community partners
  • Manage student registrations
  • Manage local volunteering organization contacts
  • Review volunteering opportunities and manage queries
  • Create surveys for students to complete
  • Create reports
  • Issue volunteer certificates to students on completion
How does a HEI Database Administrator engage with Volunteer Organisations?

The HEI Database Administrator can perform the following Volunteer Organisation management tasks:

  • Manage community partners profiles
  • Manage local volunteering organization contacts
  • Create reports
Are there any legal requirements to be adhered to?

Yes, the National Volunteer Database studentvolunteer.ie will comply with the Data Protection Act as well as standards for digital images and media and other nationally relevant polices to enable best practice.

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