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ITT Volunteering Plus Launch


An Innovative approach to supporting the community and the students at IT-Tallaght has been launched to celebrate IT Tallaght’s 10 years commitment to the Volunteering Fair in October 2018.

Staff and students at IT Tallaght will aim to complete 10,000 volunteering hours before the fair.

The volunteering hours completed by both staff and students will be banked in IT Tallaght’s volunteering timebank. Each time banked hour will gain Edu-Units to support students at IT Tallaght in the coming academic year. The kinds of supports that will be generated from the Edu-Units include, Travel Leap cards, Digital Tablets, and a range vouchers towards stationery, protective clothing, doctor’s visits and gym membership.  In all 115 students will benefit from the initiative.

All those who participate will be recognised for their commitment to volunteering and will be eligible to claim a gold, silver or bronze digital badge depending on the number of hours they have timebanked.

The initiative builds on the history of a strong commitment to volunteering at IT Tallaght and has been developed in partnership between the staff and students union at the institute.

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