Volunteering @IT Tralee

Volunteering @IT Tralee

Volunteering @IT Tralee

There is a strong volunteering ethos ‌among IT Tralee students; ‘60% of IT Tralee students volunteer, committing an average of 3 hours a week.’

(IT Tralee Volunteering & Civic Engagement Survey, 2015)


Student volunteering provides an opportunity to demonstrate skills and knowledge, get some real-life experience and help the campus or wider community at the same time. The skills learned transfer into the world of work and volunteering experience is a great addition to any CV. Volunteering is a great way to connect with people from different backgrounds ,and courses. Also, volunteering can be a great way to experience something totally different and maybe even learn something new about yourself.


The President’s Civic Spirit Award has been established to recognise and acknowledge the significant contribution of IT Tralee’s student volunteers to the Institute and the wider community. Engaging with one’s community as a volunteer brings a benefit to both student and community, this award seeks to encourage student community engagement, active citizenship and build on the established work that is being carried out by students.
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Volunteering in IT Tralee is now organised through Studentvolunteer.ie

Studentvolunteer.ie is a network of Irish Higher Education institutions that have come together to create an online resource to connect students and community groups, charities, schools, hospitals, public bodies and NGOs across Ireland. 


Why join studentvolunteer.ie?


Members of studentvolunteer.ie avail of the following:

  • Online management tool to find and mange your volunteering activities
  • Earn a certificate of recognition for the learning emanating through your volunteering experience
  • Develop connections with social needs through community groups and higher education for further research or study
  • Advertise long-term, once-off, local, national, international volunteering opportunities.
  • Connect and recruit students in Irish Higher Education Institutions all across Ireland.
  • Online management tool to find students to volunteer
  • Access how-to guides and useful resources.

Click here  to view the 'How to create a Volunteering Opportunity on StudentVolunteer in 10 Easy Steps' Guide!

For more information please contact studentengagement@ittralee.ie.

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StudentVolunteer.ie enables students to have the opportunity to: enrich your personal development and employability skills, have a fun experience, meet new people, and give back to your community. Sign up now.

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