PVA Deadline Tips!

PVA Deadline Tips!

PVA Deadline Tips!

The PVA deadline 26th April 2024.

Here are some key things to remember to make things easier for you. 


  1. Work on your reflective portfolio over time rather than in one go. There are several questions in the reflective portfolio and trying to complete all of these at once csn across as overwhelming. Instead, you can work on it over time in healthy and productive sessions so that you can answer the questions with a clear mindset! 
  2. Make sure all your hours are logged correctly. The only hours that can be accepted are those from this academic year (starting from late August 2023). If your hours are dated incorrectly, they may be accepted but they WILL NOT be logged, making your hard work go to waste!
  3. Double check to see if your postal address is submitted. Your postal address is ESSENTIAL for us to send your certificate out to you. When you go to submit your address, also make sure that it is your consistent home address. If you submit a temporary place of residence, you may not be living there by the time we sent the certificates out!


If you have any further questions for us leading up to the deadline, make sure to contact the SVO office at pva@ul.ie

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