Register for the Internship Pathway

Register for the Internship Pathway

Register for the Internship Pathway

Internship Pathway

- Eligible

Start an internship with an on campus department. Arrange an internship with the department you are interested in or apply for one advertised on our social media accounts or Then you are eligible to apply for an award under this pathway.


- How to Apply

Organize or apply for an internship

If the organization is not an approved, your supervisor must complete the Expression of Interest for Internship Providers

Enrolled in the EmployAgility Canvas space

Download and complete your EmployAgility Awards Hours Log excel sheet

Update your CV and achieve a mini of 70% on CareerSet

Complete and submit your Reflective Report


This internship can't be counted towards your academic requirements.

You can apply for multiple awards if you are an active member of multiple organizations. This will entail that you complete multiple Reflective Reports. You are unable to apply for multiple awards for the same organization

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