How do I apply?

How do I apply?

How do I apply?


  1. Decide on which pathway you would like to get involved in.  There are four pathways you can choose.  You can even choose more than one, or you can choose multiple activities on the same pathway.  If you decide to pursue two or more awards you MUST complete 40 hours on voluntary time in each chosen activity.  For example, if you are a Peer Supporter, PLUS you are an active member of a Society Committee, AND you are also a Volunteer with a Charity... you can apply for each of these, but must fit the criteria of volunteering your time of 40 hours or more, and then send a Reflective Report and CV back for EACH activity.
  2. SECURE either a campus internship; a volunteering place with a Not-For-Profit organisation; become an active member of a UCC Club/Society or secure a role with Blackstone Launchpad.

(Each pathway is listed seperately on this site - if you search UCC Works in the search menu, you will get all the UCC Works Pathways together in one place)

4. Students are required to PARTICIPATE IN AN APPROVED UCC WORKS ACTIVITY (min. 40 hour participation) and meet the criteria for each individual activity. The student's supervisor will then confirm that the student has met the set criteria.

5. Complete a REFLECTIVE REPORT which has three core questions (each approx. 200 words) - When completing the report you may find the STAR technique helpful.   You will be given the Reflective Report in February.

6. UPDATE YOUR CV to reflect new skills obtained. Please click here to find more information on modifiying C.V's. Students can also book an an appointment with a UCC Careers Advisor who can assist in the updating of your C.V (it is not mandatory to make a careers appointment but it can be of assistance).   Finally, email your updated C.V to 

Receive your UCC Works Award in March.

Please be advised that if you do not complete step 5 or 6 you will not receive your Award.

The award is designed to prepare you for the challenges you face in making the transition to work.  To succeed after university you should focus on developing the employability skills employers value like working as part of a team or communicating well.  The UCC Works Award gives you an opportunity to develop these all round skills that employers value greatly and to achieve formal recognition for taking part in extracurricular activities that you enjoy.  You can even boost your career prospects by demonstrating to employers that you have developed competencies they want. 

Stand out from the crowd and have your contribution recorded on your Diploma Supplement. 

The award is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students of UCC who satisfy the criteria of "Participate and Reflect":   the Registration Closing Date is 31st October 2018.  Reflective Reports need to be submitted by 28th February 2019, and the Award Ceremony will be held March 2019.

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