Register for the UCC Works Internship Pathway

Register for the UCC Works Internship Pathway

Register for the UCC Works Internship Pathway

The UCC Works Internship Pathway is a period of voluntary work experience in a UCC Campus organisation or department. Students participating in the UCC Works Internship Pathway are required to complete a minimum of forty hours voluntary placement within the organisation. This is certified by a record of attendance form signed by the internship provider. Students are then required to complete a reflective report and update their C.V in order to qualify for the UCC WORKS AWARD.


What is involved?

1. Students should apply for internship positions advertised on - Click on UCC Works in the Categories.

2. When students have secured a placement in an approved position, you must then register your place on the UCC Works Programme - here Internship Pathway

3. Participate in the approved position and complete a minimum of 40 hours of placement with the organisation.  You will be able to track and log your hours here on  on your own dashboard.

4. Reflect on the skills you developed and submit a Reflective Report and updated CV to UCC Works Award Administration -The Reflective Report needs to be submitted by February 28th 2019.

5. Receive the UCC Works Award!  The ceremony will be held March 2019.


Where can I find advertised positions?

1. Internship positions will be advertised on

2. Students should apply for the internship position by contacting the internship provider directly.  Once you are successful in gaining the internship, register your participation here with us in the UCC Works Programme on the UCC Works Internship Pathway.



Preparing your CV

A skills-based CV is the usual requirement and the majority of internship positions require the student to attend an interview.  More information on creating a CV can be found here. Students should approach the interviewing process for UCC WORKS internship positions the same as if they were applying for a paid position within an organisation.

If you would like more help in updating your CV you can book an appointment with a UCC Careers Advisor.

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