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***Applications are now open for AY21/22***

How to apply for your President's Volunteer Award for AY21/22

  • Log all your hours on
  • Make sure all hours have been approved by your volunteer supervisor.
  • Complete reflective portfolio - click here.  Please note change in deadline. New deadline is April 30th 2022. 

N.B - There is no 3 hour cap this academic year. Students must achieve a minimum of 20 hours to apply for a PVA. 

Types of Awards: 

  •       Gold - minimum of 60 volunteer hours 
  •       Silver - minimum of 40 volunteer hours
  •       Bronze - minimum of 20 volunteer hours 
  •       Plassey -  minimum of 12 volunteer hours (Applies to International students here for one semester only). The Plassey Award recognises that international students spending one semester at UL do not have the same opportunities as those students spending a full-academic year at UL. Therefore, students spending one semester in UL may apply for the Plassey Award. To be eligible for this award you must show a commitment to volunteering.
  •      *COVID 19 2021 PVA - no minimum hours required
  •       Overseas Award - (Must complete pre and post provided by Comhlámh ( 

*This is an additional award which is related to COVID 19 volunteering activities only. You can apply for this award along with the other PVAs. 

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