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HiDigital Training from ALONE at the University of Limerick


Today staff and students here at the university of Limerick had the pleasure of attending the Hi Digital workshop from ALONE.

The goal of Hi Digital is to provide free access to essential tools for achieving digital independence. Enhancing digital literacy can significantly improve both practical life skills and mental well-being, offering more opportunities to connect with essential services and engage socially with friends and family.

Hi Digital is a step-by-step course by Vodafone Foundation and ALONE to help people, especially those 65+, develop digital skills. It features bite-sized lessons on internet basics, smartphone use, researching hobbies, organizing travel, using apps, and online banking. Our staff and students enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to learn new skills, expanding their knowledge and capabilities.

It was a very educational day, and we can’t wait to begin rolling out this resource to the local community with collaboration from ALONE and Vodafone. 

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