Read some of the UL Student Volunteer experiences here. If you have previously volunteered, or are currently volunteering, we would love to hear from you! Email with your experience. 

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Common Solutions To Common PVA Problems!
06/04/2023 - Here are some solutions to the most common issues our volunteers face when logging their hours and applying for a PVA!

What a President’s Volunteer Award Means For You!
29/03/2023 - What does a PVA do for me?

Reflective Portfolio Advice (University of Limerick)
22/03/2023 - Here is a little piece for those of you putting together your reflective portfolio!

Get to know the University of Limerick PVA team!
15/03/2023 - We love learning so much about our amazing volunteers, but here is a little bit about us!

President’s Volunteer Award Ceremony Booklet 2022
22/11/2022 - Congratulations to all our PVA recipients!

12th Annual Presidents Award (PVA) Ceremony
03/11/2022 - Tuesday 29th November at 2pm, UCH

Meet the Coops
04/07/2022 - John recently finished his coop placement with the CLO. This is what he had to say....

Meet the Coops
21/06/2022 - Emma recently finished her coop placement in the CLO. This is what she had to say....

Holly Naughton
27/05/2022 - volunteer bio

Gráinne Tyrrell
25/05/2022 - volunteer bio

Siobhán O’ Reilly
25/05/2022 - volunteer bio

Abaigéal Drummy
24/05/2022 - volunteer bio

Courtney McGuire
11/05/2022 - Volunteer Bio

11/05/2022 - Volunteer Bio

Sahrin Zarah
11/05/2022 - Volunteer Bio

Khayla Timothy
10/05/2022 - Volunteer Bio

Maranna Igbokwe
05/05/2022 - Volunteer Bio

PVA Application now open
19/04/2022 - President’s Volunteer Award Applications are NOW OPEN to all UL student volunteers

Emmet O’Doherty
22/03/2022 - Volunteer Bio

Leia Wilmot
09/03/2022 - Volunteer Bio

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