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PVA Ceremony 2020 Guest Speaker


As we count down to our 10th Annual President's Volunteer Award Ceremony we would like to share with you this year's guest speaker - UL Alumni Jack Scanlan. We were honoured that he accepted to join us for our first ever virtual ceremony. So here's a little bit about Jack...

My name is Jack and I graduated from Law and Accounting in 2019. Having spent 4 years absolutely loving my life in UL I chanced my arm and asked the students if they would have me back for one more year to represent them at the University. Luckily they said yes and I got to spend one more year representing the students as Student President. The year was eventful to say the least and some might say that due to COVID-19 it ended prematurely but I honestly felt like I had 3 years in one and I would not change anything if I could. That being said… I would give anything to get one more night in the stables.  

During my time in UL I got to meet some amazing young people who were really making their stamp on the world. From my involvement in Clubs and Societies to the incredible students I met during my time as President I really got a sense that anything was possible. I had some incredible conversations with some very inspiring people and ultimately I wanted to capture these conversations and let other people in on them, from this The Budding Perspectives Podcast was born. 

The aim of the podcast is to highlight the incredible impact young Irish people are having on the world today. I have seen first-hand the good that we as a generation are creating in this world and I want to tell everyone about it. From budding entrepreneurs at the fore front of the fight against COIVD-19 (Chris Kelly) to activists alleviating the impact period poverty is having on women’s lives (Clodagh Guerin) the podcast seeks not only to highlight the impact these people are having but also show others what is possible, as I was shown during my time in UL. There is a distinct UL flavour to the podcast so far with most of my guests having spent some time on the Plassey campus. If you would like to listen in, you can check it out wherever you listen to podcasts!  

Jack Scanlan 


The Budding Perspectives Podcast, is an Irish, interview style weekly podcast. Our aim is to Highlight the incredible young people of Ireland and the contributions they are making in the world.The young people we interview on this show are truly incredible and fly directly in the face of the lazy and entitled narrative that exists around our generation today. They may not have walked 6 miles to school barefoot... but whether it be through contributions in business, social movements or content creation our guests all have a story to tell.Our ultimate aim is to inspire you, the listener to get out there in the world and find your unique voice and purpose. Through the stories our guests tell we want to show you what is possible as a young Irish person in today's world. If this sounds like your cuppa tea, come along as we explore the impact Ireland's youth are having on the world.

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