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UL Student Volunteer Dave Mullen



Hiya, I’m Dave Mullen, a mature student in my final year of Product Design & Technology and a member of Limerick Suicide Watch (LSW) since 2016. We are a group made up of about 70 volunteers who patrol the bridges and quays of Limerick, keeping an eye out for people who may be suicidal, distressed or maybe just need a friendly face to talk to. As part of our training, we do courses in First Aid, CPR and AED, Safe Talk, ASIST and riverside training. For me, I had always admired the great, selfless work the group did, and I decided I also wanted to help as suicide is such an important issue.

During my time in UL, I have continued patrolling with LSW - as we do one night a week, it wasn’t so much that it would impact my studies. You get such a good feeling at the end of a successful intervention with someone, and it’s lovely knowing another person has gone home safe and sound.

As the pandemic has had a hugely negative effect on us all, now more than ever, it’s important to do something that makes us feel good, and what better way, than doing something for our community. There may be something in your local area you can get involved with, or you can also head over to, where you’ll find a constantly updated list of volunteer opportunities.

UL is the only University in Ireland to acknowledge volunteer hours given to communities by its students, and it’s nice to see them recognised at the PVA ceremony and on their transcripts.


Dave Mullen, UL Student

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