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8th Annual PVA Ceremony Wednesday 19th of September


Wednesday the 19th of September was an exciting day for UL as 434 students received President's Volunteer Awards. Our President, Dr. Des Fitzgerald presented the awards to the students in the University Concert Hall along with Director of Student Affairs, Dr. Bernadette Walsh. A whopping 241 Gold awards, 63 Silver, 106 Bronze and 18 Plassey awards were achieved this year. 6 Overseas awards were also presented to students who volunteered during their time studying abroad. 

We were also delighted to have CEO of Self Help Africa, Ray Jordan speak to the award recipients and their distinguished guests and families on the day. 

Since its establishment in 2011, the PVA has grown rapidly into the prestigious, annual event that it is today. More and more student volunteers are spending their free time getting involved with organisations both external to UL and within UL. A huge congratulations to all those who achieved a PVA this year, and a big thank you for your contribution to your local, regional, national and international communities. 



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