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Common Solutions To Common PVA Problems!


As we are entering the final month before the deadline of the PVA application process, some people may find themselves in several “sticky” situations, so why not address the most common issues that have been raised with us.

  1. Insufficient hours for a specific PVA level: If you find yourself in a predicament where you are JUST under the required for hours for (as an example) the gold PVA, don’t give up. Four or five hours can be quite achievable even when the deadline is looming. Why not volunteer for a weekend with your local GAA club or Tidy Towns Committee? Depending on your eligibility, these opportunities can often run for an hour or more at any given time. For those of you who think cleaning or sport isn’t your thing, check notice boards in your local community centre or focal area of your community or your area’s social media pages (if there are any) as many people would advertise opportunities there!


  1. “My Other Volunteering” issues: People may feel daunted by the “my other volunteering” section, as the sense of independently registering your hours can come across as daunting. There is nothing to be worried about, as if you are unsure of your hours, your supervisor is there to vouch on your behalf. Even if a mistake is made, don’t worry! We will see it and simply ask for you to do it again.


  1. Hour logging confusion & general questions: If you have any questions or need help with any sort of confusion you may have, feel free to contact the PVA office on campus and we will be more than happy to help you! We fully understand that not everyone knows the system as well as us, and we love making sure no one is turned away from being recognized for their hard work.


For any further questions, feel free to contact and we will make our best efforts to help you during the office hours of 9am-5pm

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