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Courtney McGuire


Hi I'm Courtney I am  a 4th year BA Psychology & Sociology student.On the 18th of December 2021, I joined the Prosperity in People Foundation (PIP) to help ‘Shine a Light’ by distributing care packages (containing food, clothing, liquids, and hygiene products) to people without a home in Dublin’s city centre and surrounding areas.The PIP Foundation is a charitable organisation which is focused on helping the most vulnerable in society, including those without a home, to achieve physical, mental, and spiritual prosperity. It does so by offering services via pillars of distribution, education, and de-stigmatization.

My role on the day included travelling from Clonmel to Dublin to meet the PIP team for a briefing prior to distributing the essential goods, as well as tea and coffee, to those most in need.Though our initial objective was to distribute essential goods to those in need, the day involved so much more than just that. We heard the personal stories and lived experiences of those living on the streets of Dublin. We offered them a listening ear, a helping hand, and a direction to essential services they may have otherwise gone withouI thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to volunteer as part of the PIP team. It was a truly humbling experience, and it has inspired me to consider a Masters in the field of addiction and rehabilitation following graduation this August.

Through volunteering, you learn to truly appreciate what you have, it humbles you as an individual and completely transforms your outlook on life. But most importantly, your contribution through volunteering will improve the lives and well-being of those who need it the most in society.I would strongly encourage students to volunteer in areas such as this when afforded the opportunity, especially for those who haven’t volunteered before (which I hadn’t prior to this). It’s a unique chance to meet some incredible people and to form new friendships.

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