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Emmet O’Doherty


Hey there! I’m Emmet O’Doherty, a 4th year International Business student in UL. As part of my time here, I have volunteered as Kemmy Business School Representative. It is a truly amazing experience to volunteer with UL – and here’s why:

What I do:

Being a Kemmy Business School Representative means ensuring the values of Kemmy are communicated to current, prospective, and past students and parents, and even the wider community. Whether that is through Open Day Events, tours, blogs like this, or even just sharing something on social media, I aim to connect people with UL’s astounding business department. I work with the other representatives and the faculty of KBS to ensure the quality of information put out there is useful, relevant, innovative, and sometimes just plain fun. I’ve taken part in virtual and physical open days and met the most amazing people.

What motivated me to volunteer?

The free pizza. No, seriously, the chance to meet some fellow students, give back to the college, get my name out there for connections, and make sure I could work to the best of my ability in a team.

But why should I volunteer?

Look, the best word to sum up the reasons why you should volunteer is this: OPPORTUNITY. UL is a big place, and sometimes, the best way to get to know people is to dive straight in. You connect with staff and students, make friends, socialise, promote, integrate, and learn. Of course, it looks good on a CV, but also it is a for-sure way of gaining experience in how to work in a team, problem solve, manage your time, and have fun. I know some of you out there would never have put volunteer and fun in the same sentence – I used to be like that. But then when you join a community through volunteering, you realise just how wrong that is.

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