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Joaquim Vas


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My name is Joaquim Vas (You can call me, Jo) and I’m a 4th year international undergraduate student at the University of Limerick. I’m currently pursuing the B.Sc. in Aircraft Maintenance and Airworthiness engineering and am a qualified Aircraft technician as well.


Due to the many volunteering opportunities that UL offers to it students, some of the roles that I hold are class representative, student buddy and UL student ambassador and I’m always looking for more ways to help. I’ve also worked as an Orientation guide and I advise anyone who has basic knowledge of the UL campus to try it out (It’s really fun!). As a class rep, my role involves being a liaison to my fellow classmates to escalate academic and any other concerning issues to course directors and heads of departments. I can also design cool class hoodies and organize nights out (Both of which I’m yet to do). Through the Buddy program, I welcome incoming students to UL by sharing my experiences on the life in Ireland, the campus environment and how to always pack an umbrella even if it appears sunny. This ties in with my role as a Student Ambassador, representing UL at open days and sharing my journey with prospective students.


Since it’s my last year here in UL, I’d like to give back and act upon the multiple opportunities presented. I’d encourage any student, First year or last (Earlier the better) to involve themselves with any of the volunteering work at UL. It would add to your portfolio, your Instagram followers and more importantly, your university memories that will be cherished throughout your life.



Joaquim Vas    

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