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Lovely Response from a Volunteer taught tech class Participant!


We received a lovely message from one of the learners wo had participated in our tech classes, these are classes in which UL Student volunteers, teach members from the community digital and computer skills.


'May I take this opportunity to congratulate the PVA Team for this wonderful initiative for giving us, the more senior members of the community the chance to learn computer skills, which were not available to us when we were at school. It has been very useful indeed, and on a personal level, given me the confidence to try and learn more of this vast subject and to use it on a more regular basis. The mentors were very patient and gave such useful guidance.  Again, on a personal note, my mentor made me feel very comfortable and therefore I was able to seek the help which I needed. I sincerely hope you continue with this programme.  I was one of the lucky ones to have been selected to attend.   I know of many others who would love the same opportunity.  Good luck with this programme in the future’.


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