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Hi everyone, my name is John Buckley and I’m a second-year student studying Geography and Media in Arts at UL. I just finished my cooperative placement in the Community Liaison Office (CLO). I began my placement in January. 

One of my main tasks as PVA Administrator was to increase engagement on all social media platforms, and I felt like I have achieved that goal as time went on. The PVA are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Some social media posts I would create would be on volunteer opportunities, volunteer bios of students who I have recognised who have done a fantastic job at volunteering and also unique posts such as benefits of volunteering or PVA statistics. I am very grateful that this job allowed me to use editing software such as Canva, because I’m sure this will help me a lot with my studies and projects in media going forward.

Another task I enjoyed doing was processing the PVA applications. I enjoyed reading the PVA applications where students were part of various clubs and societies or Mental Health Organisations, in which they highlighted how beneficial it was to help others and support others. I also enjoyed overseeing the UL Student Fundraiser excel sheet and marking off names who have completed all tasks and sending emails regarding tasks to be completed by students.

I feel like this coop has increased my technology skills e.g., Canva, Excel Sheets,, I have become a better communicator e.g., sending and receiving emails to students / Arlene. And, I have met many people who I would have never communicated with, if it wasn’t for my coop placement. Overall, it has been a great experience and I will take the skills I have acquired into my next occupation.

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