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Publication: The Value and Impact of Higher Education Student Volunteering in Ireland 2021


International Day of Volunteers -  December 2021

there is so much to celebrate worldwide and here at the University of Limerick #IVD2021

UL is celebrating International Volunteer Day all this week, beginning today with the publication of the HE National Student Volunteering Working Group report -The Value and Impact of Higher Education Student Volunteering in Ireland.

Throughout this week higher education student volunteers across the sector will be showcased through a series of stories celebrating their achievements and those of the national student volunteering working group.

In today's publication, The Value and Impact of Higher Education Student Volunteering in Ireland, click here, attention is drawn to the structure, organisation and significant outcomes of a tailored institutional approach to this student led activity over the past 10 years.   Most notably, ULs President Volunteer Award (PVA) programme is showcased as an excellent example of Institutional Leadership and the subsequent establishment and continuous development of best practices in student volunteer management, policies, practices and delivery in higher education.   

The success of the PVA at UL belongs to the willingness of UL students to step up and give back and the recognition and value placed on student volunteering and the unequivocal support, encouragement and acknowledgment by successive and our current President, Professor Kerstin Mey.   This student led activity is further enabled and enhanced by multiple partners and stakeholders; our colleagues in UL Student LifeUL Postgraduate Students' UnionUL Alumni, Student Affairs and across all of ULs professional support services and academic departments, our working group partners, Campus Engage Ireland and most importantly our community partners and organisations throughout Ireland and beyond. 

Today we salute and thank you all.    #Studentchangemakers #IVD2021 #Internationaldayofvolunteers


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