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Reflective Portfolio Advice (University of Limerick)


The reflective portfolio is an essential part of the application of a President’s Volunteer Award. It may seem daunting at first as on the face of it, as there seems to be a lot of work to be put in before the April 28th deadline. However, if you are to break it down carefully, the workload is fairly manageable and completing it in a timely manner is very much achievable. Here are some key things to remember and consider while completing your reflective portfolio!

1.    Focus on your personal growth: Reflect on how the volunteer experience has impacted you as a person, what you've learned, and how you've grown. Consider what skills you've developed, what challenges you've faced, and how you've overcome them. This will show the impact volunteering has had on you beyond just the service you provided.


2.    Provide specific examples: When writing about your volunteer experiences, provide specific examples of what you did and the impact it had. Use concrete details to demonstrate the specific tasks you performed, the people you interacted with, and the outcomes of your actions. This will show that you were engaged in your volunteer work and that you understand the importance of your contributions.


3.    There is a character cap on each of the 7 questions so we are not looking for essays – keep your answers brief and straight to the point.


4.    You can add to these questions as you go and they will save. When you are finished you can submit and we will then review them as you do it.


Though your reflective portfolio is a summary and an insight in to your hard work, please remember that it is only as daunting as you make it out to be! If you have any concerns or stresses relating to this, by all means use the pointers listed above. For anything else, feel free to contact our office for information or advice, and we will aim to respond to you as quickly as possible between the hours of 9am-5pm. We are here to make sure all of our volunteers are awarded for their efforts!

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