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Sahrin Zarah


Hi, I am Sahrin Zarah, a second year International Business student at the University of Limerick. I have been volunteering for various events and roles in UL from the beginning of the academic year 2021/2022. I was a volunteer on the UL International Buddy Programme for the autumn semester. My role was being a buddy to the international students I had been paired up with who had come to UL. I was responsible for welcoming the students to UL and ensuring that they settled in ok, answering questions they had regarding classes, activities on campus, part time jobs etc. I arranged meetups and coffee afternoons so the group could get to know each other and make a few friends. I also attended the events hosted by the Buddy Programme coordinators. I always stayed connected with them through social media, whatsapp etc to ensure they were getting on ok with their course and updating them about events, opportunities etc.

I had also volunteered as a fundraiser during UL charity week 2022 and helped to raise funds for Irish Red Cross and Irish Rapid Response.

I will also be volunteering as usher for the UL graduation ceremonies during the summer.

I have always believed in volunteering and was involved in volunteering activities from a young age in school. I used to help with fundraisers in school and used to help in local charity shops during the summers as I believe personally it is very important to give back to the community. No one can really live on their own as we are interconnected within a community, I enjoy doing something for others, we are so busy in our own worlds, it is sometimes to think about outside ourselves.

Volunteering gives me peace of mind; it gives me a sense of fulfilment when I know I am giving selfless contribution to a good cause. Every student volunteer with some organisation or for some cause at least once as it helps you to develop so many skills such as communication, teamwork, it teaches to be grateful and look at life from another perspective when you see the world of others.

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