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Stephanie Anderson- an international student, who volunteered with the UL international society!


Stephanie Anderson was an international one semester student in UL last semester. She volunteered as vice treasurer for the UL International Society. Stephanie will be going for the bronze Presidents’ Volunteering Award!


Read about her experience here:

‘Since I was only at the University of Limerick for a semester I wanted to volunteer in order to get the most out of my experience. I wanted to spend my time doing things to better my experience as well as the experience of fellow students. I chose to volunteer with the International Society because it was an organization that focused on making the experience of fellow study abroad students the opportunity to see all over Ireland and meet students from all over through on-campus events and TGIFs. Volunteering with the International Society taught me that in order to be a successful organization communication is key, both within the organization and with collaborative societies and businesses. The International Society is a society that works to provide events on campus and trips around Ireland for its members. These events and trips are to allow its members from all around the world to experience Ireland and to meet other students from around the world. The International Society also provides its committee members with the opportunity to plan events as well as be trip leaders on the trips around Ireland. When I graduate in May I think that my volunteer experience will impact my life and my career as it has taught me organizational skills as well as improved my communication skills among other things. It has also allowed me to help change the experience of fellow study abroad students. I will always remember my study abroad experience because of the friends I made through volunteering with the International Society!

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