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Today is International Volunteer Managers Day 2021


International Volunteer Managers Day (IVM Day) is celebrated globally on November 5 each year. The day is put aside to allow volunteer managers a chance to reflect on and celebrate the critical work they do, and more importantly, it allows an opportunity for them to educate others about the significant role they play in mobilising the often complex resources volunteers bring with them.

We work with many volunteer managers in the Community Liaison Office and we would like to thank all those who manage volunteers for their contribution in what has been a difficult year for all. Let's celebrate you today! #IVMDay21

Background on IVMDAY: 

Recent times have allowed us the space to consider (and re-consider) many aspects of the important work we undertake as Volunteer Managers.

The theme for this year is: 

“What Is Excellence? – Pushing us beyond the ordinary”

What is excellence is the IVMD theme for 2021

We believe it is time to reflect upon what ‘excellence’ really means for our profession and work towards creating some common language around this important topic.

Over the coming months, IVMDay committee will look to provide some stimulating debate on many different aspects of just what does constitute ‘excellence in volunteer engagement’.

For example, what does excellence look like in:

  • Volunteer leadership?
  • Volunteer management certifications and learning?
  • Diversity and equity?
  • Managing up?
  • Meaningful engagement?
  • Embracing technology and systems?

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