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UL Buddy Programme 20/21



Are you interested in becoming an UL buddy volunteer for the Autumn 2020 semester?

Sign up HERE

Make sure you sign up quickly to ensure your place on the programme. Spaces and the waiting list for UL volunteers filled up very quickly last semester! 

Role of a UL Buddy

Being a UL buddy is a fun and rewarding experience where you will have the chance to meet new people! It a great way to develop international connections for the future while making new friends. You will be matched with approximately 4 international students from diverse cultures across North/South America, Europe and Asia, based on similar interests listed in your application. Please email me to let me know if you would like to be matched with native speakers of a specific language and I will do my best to accommodate. All hours you spend on the programme can be logged towards the PVA, a higher level education reward given to those who contribute to the community and is displayed on your transcript for employers and other universities to see. 

The International Division organises free events throughout the semester. We provide free tea/coffee vouchers for your first meeting with your buddies, a welcome pizza party, a trip to King John’s Castle and movie nights. Many buddies make lifelong friendships and bring them to other events outside of this. I have attached some more information. Have a look at what some of our previous buddies have said about the programme HERE.

As a UL buddy you must be supportive of your buddies as they adjust to life at UL. Their information will be shared with you by the end of July so you must check your emails occasionally over summer and make initial contact with them to share pre-arrival advice and tips about life at UL. Throughout the semester you must be responsive over email/text, collect tickets for events and check in with your buddies. While your buddies will need the most help in the weeks before they arrive and the start of the semester, signing up as a UL volunteer is a semester-long commitment. While we ask for this commitment, the programme is not extremely time-consuming and will not interfere with your studies. I have attached some brochures with additional information.

Benefits of Being a Buddy

  1. Meet new people from all over the world and grow your knowledge about other cultures
  2. Practice your language skills 
  3. Attend free events
  4. Show off UL
  5. Make international connections for your future career
  6. Great addition to any CV that demonstrates your international experience to employers 

Please let me know if you have any questions about the programme at , I am happy to help J


Warm regards

Lorna O’Sullivan

Buddy Programme Administrator



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