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UL Student Volunteer Jerome Gibson



My name is Jay and I’ve just finished year 1 of 2 studying Masters in Human Rights and Criminal Justice. I’m engaging in the part time distance learning program. I am a Youth Justice Worker in the Donegal GYDP and a Volunteer with St John Ambulance. I was motivated to get involved with the student volunteer program as it was a fantastic way to bring the learning from the volunteer work I was doing, into my overall learning. The program helped me to bring structure to my existing volunteer work and identify unique learning opportunities that I hadn’t thought of previously. It is a great opportunity for any student to give back to their community and get involved with a project they are passionate and enthusiastic about.

For me, St John Ambulance is an organisation that offers a wide range of opportunities in an environment where I can gain skills and experience in an area that I am passionate about. Through the student volunteer program, I have been able to look more at my volunteer work and draw valuable learning from my experiences.

I volunteer with St John Ambulance providing medical and ambulance services as an Emergency Medical Technician at events and in the local community. Another part of my role is training other members and members of the community in first aid and CPR.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a need to take on new, additional tasks outside of my normal volunteering including providing ambulance services at COVID testing centres and working within the community assisting vulnerable people with day to day tasks.


By Jerome Gibson 

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