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WATCH: UL students talking about their volunteering experience


Check out our four amazing student volunteers and the organisations they volunteer with....

Our first film is one that reassures us that transforming attitudes towards people with disabilities significantly enhances their potential. The film introduces Sarah O’Mahony studying with Kemmy Business School. Sarah explains her relationship with Limerick Autism Group and why she fully ‘gets’ the significance of their work. Keith Enright, a volunteer Director and the Founder of Limerick Autism Group underlines the magnitude of the need for volunteers in organisations solely run by voluntarism. Keith calls on UL students to get involved in this organisation.
This film introduces Dylan Walshe a PhD student in Science and Engineering. Dylan volunteers with St. Mary’s secondary school in Newport on a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programme. This programme is a volunteer initiative created by Stephen Kennedy a UL graduate teaching in St. Mary’s. The film demonstrates (quite uniquely) that UL graduates remain loyal to our volunteer traditions while calling on current students to support and grow these initiatives. This film is an example of our UL Alumni (established by UL graduates in 1987) maintaining the long tradition of actively supporting the University’s goals.
This film introduces Alan Finnin from Co. Clare studying computer systems. Alan volunteered in a new and really exciting peer support initiative designed for 1st year students in his programme of study. Collaborators JJ Collins lecturer in Science and Engineering and Deirdre M. Murphy, First Year Support Co-ordinator provide us with insights and outcomes of this exciting peer support initiative. It is worth noting these voluntary peer support initiatives are growing across the UL campus.
This film introduces Adewunmi Mary Abiodun-Adetunji, a UL Sanctuary student, studying with Kemmy Business School. Mary volunteered with a number of organisations over the past year including the annual Oesophageal Cancer fundraiser, Lollipop Day. Mary has a powerful message for all UL students. The relationship between OCF and higher education student volunteers was established through the President’s Volunteer Award (PVA). In this film Noelle Ryan CEO explains the significance of this cancer fund and the growing relationship between it and student volunteers across the sector.




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