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Your Parish Church Needs YOU!


Local Parishes need volunteers more than ever! 
Great opportunity to volunteer in your local Parish
or Faith community. 
Volunteers are needed as stewards, helpers, and guides for the coming and going of the faithful. 

Volunteers will receive training.

If you have the time here's what you need to do:

  • Think about the support and skills you can offer.
  • Contact your local Parish Office or Presbyteries.
  • Get recognised for your contribution through the PVA - 

A) Create your dashboard on    
B) Make one volunteer entry (called Covid19) on the ad-hoc section on The details should include the town/county where volunteered, type of volunteering and number of hours (hours do not have to be exact). 

  • The PVA team will be in contact with all COVID19 volunteers that logged their details on
  • Any questions please email    

Good luck and remember social distancing and washing your hands. 

The PVA Team 



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