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7th Annual PVA ceremony Thursday 28th September


7th Annual President’s Volunteer Award Ceremony

It is an exciting time here in UL as the UL Community Liaison Office holds its 7th Annual PVA Ceremony on Thursday 28th September at 3pm in the University Concert Hall, UL.

Since 2011, the number of students who will receive an award at this prestigious annual event has grown dramatically. UL Student Volunteers have volunteered throughout the academic year logging up to 3 hours per week or more on their dashboard.  

UL Student Volunteers have spent their free time with various organisations external to UL and within the UL community. This year the President of UL will present; 118 Bronze PVA’s, 85 Silver PVA’s, 173 Gold PVA’s, 14 Plassey PVA’s and 15 Overseas PVA’s. This is the first PVA ceremony that the new UL President Dr. Des Fitzgerald will be presenting awards to students along with the Director of Student Affairs, Dr. Bernadette Walsh.

We are proud to welcome our special guest Aoibheann O’Brien the CEO of Foodcloud and alumni of UL. With over 400 recipients we are looking forward to meeting the UL Volunteer Students as well as their distinguished guests and families. 



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