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Abaigéal Drummy


Volunteering for UL Student Life, Clubs & Societies, and the UL fundraiser has showed me how important skills such as teamwork, and cooperation are. I learned more about how UL promotes voluntary work, by rewarding students with the knowledge of knowing how they can make a change for the campus and community by simply getting involved. It showed me the importance of relaxing, and working in a non-academic environment, something which is a challenge for most students. Volunteering for these organisations allowed me to understand the importance of hard work, and how appreciated you are in a community of people with similar interests as you.

My responsibilities with UL Student Life was to ensure that I communicated any issues my classmates were having with the Student Life team, the lecturers and the Academic Officer. It also involved organising course trips, and course hoodies for our final year. It involved me attending meetings every 2 weeks to update how my course were feeling academically. My responsibilities with UL Clubs & Societies involved getting a committee together in order for the Irish Society to run effectively and successfully. It invloved me to chair meetings, host events, and speak on radio stations about what we are doing to promote the Irish Language. It also involved me attending Council meetings every 2nd week to vote on motions, and to update UL Wolves how we as a society were managing throughout the academic year.

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