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Explore your interests through volunteering at the University of Limerick


What is volunteering?

Simply put, volunteering is personal time and resources freely given. Your time and resource will benefit you and the club/society organisation/group equally. Volunteering activity which is very broad and varied forms the very core of all vibrant and inclusive societies. For these reasons UL uniquely promotes, supports and encourages student volunteering through the President's Volunteer Programme (PVA).  

The PVA team are dedicated to supporting our student volunteers. We also support volunteer entrepreneurs.

Why volunteer?

There are very many reasons why students volunteer for example:

  • Supporting communities in your hometown, in your university town, abroad or on your campus.
  • Acquiring work-related employment skills.
  • Sharing a passion while making a difference.
  • Standing out from the crowd!
  • Making you and your family proud! How it works is a national volunteer online system that manages all your volunteering activity.


What is the PVA?

The PVA is a programme which formally recognises and awards student volunteers. 

UL is unique insofar as it recognises your volunteering on your academic transcript.

PVA recipients are honored by the President of UL at the Annual PVA Ceremony.


How to apply for a President's Volunteer Award

Log all your volunteering hours on to

All logged hours have to be approved by your volunteer supervisor.

Complete your reflective portfolio and submit to

Deadline to apply for a PVA is 31st May. 

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