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International Volunteering Workshop


International Volunteering Workshop: Why Not to Volunteer in Orphanages?

Ending Orphanage Volunteering and the Institutionalisation of Children: Transforming the way we care


Join Comhlamh and Tearfund Ireland in an online discussion around the growing global movement to end orphanage volunteering and the institutionalisation of children. Ruth Wacuka, international speaker and founding Director of Reroot Africa will also join us to speak about her experiences of orphanage care in Kenya and her work on care reform. 


EXPERT PANEL: This one-hour workshop briefing is an opportunity for students to hear directly from a leading advocate with lived experience on care reform; and to engage in action on a global development and children's rights issue. 


If you are interested in global justice issues, children's rights or international relations, then come along to learn more.


27th October 


Online Zoom Link 

Meeting ID: 831 9767 2575 Passcode: 065353

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