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Lobojo James Obadia Laila bio


My name is Lobojo James Obadia Laila, MA student, in Peace Building and Development Studies, 2021/2022, I have so far volunteered twice in UL in two different occasions,


1. I volunteered with PIP Foundation on 18.12.2021 in Dublin to distribute ready made care packs to the homeless (9hrs) 

2. I supported the ceremonies office PVA- usher during the recent graduation. 17-19.01.2022, my role was to welcome graduats on campus, remind them to wear covid masks at all times and to be aware of social distancing, give them a ticket for COVID-19 check and proof of ID, direct them to level M & Jean Monet Lecture Theatre and monitor the queue. (10 hrs).


Volunteering helps to change my behavior for growth in community service programs, improves my leadership skills and above all it's part of fulfilling requirements for government and school programs.


I want to encourage other students to do so, especially the postgraduate students, we may have the academic knowledge yes, but our outward looking depends on how much time we give back to the community through volunteering. I am proud to be in UL.



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