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UL Student Volunteer Aisling Scanlon



My name is Aisling Scanlon and I am a fourth year Physiotherapy student at the University of Limerick. The Covid-19 pandemic has been a worrying, uncertain and stressful time for many people. I wanted to help the wider society in what way possible in a way that respected social distancing and the HSE guidelines. I decided to volunteer with a pharmacy as I wanted to engage in something useful that could help vulnerable people and their families during these trialling times. My volunteer role involved making blister packs and delivering to residential homes for adults with disabilities which reduced the workload on staff who already have an increased burden of care with the different safety measures that are in place during these times.

This volunteering opportunity has been a very positive experience and has taught me the importance of being kind and being an active citizen in doing things for others. It helps you develop many skills, build real connections and in turn makes you feel great about yourself. I am thankful and grateful for this opportunity that has taught me that our spare time is precious and can be spent wisely making a difference and improving situations for more vulnerable people.

Time constraints is the main barrier to volunteering for many people so now is the perfect time to start! It is important to help each other out during these times and a helping hand can make a big difference to many organisations and services. There is no better feeling than using your skills to help others in the community and a small help can make a big difference. I aim to continue volunteering so please come and join and avail of these wonderful opportunities.

By Aisling Scanlon 

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