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UL Student Volunteer Amy Kelly


As part of the UL student fundraiser, I took it upon myself to do a bake sale to raise money for two great charities. I personally love baking and it is one of my favourite hobbies so when I saw the opportunity I thought it would be a good idea to raise money by doing something I enjoy. For the bake sale, I advertised on social media to my family and friends that I am holding a bake sale and selling 2 treat boxes; box of 6 cupcakes for €10 and a mixed box consisting of brownies, biscuit cake, lemon drizzle squares and cupcakes for €15. The majority of people opted for the mixed box and it was great that people were willing to pay and help the charities in some way. Some people even gave more than €15 to help out such great causes. I bought all the ingredients and supplies and marked a free day that I could bake. I spent all day baking and gave them to the people who ordered. As a result, I earned €200 and donated all of it to the charities. It was a great experience and I was pleased to have raised so much doing something that I enjoy and being able to contribute.

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