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Volunteering Bio - Mary O’ Donnell


Mary O' Donnell 

Aeronautical Engineering 

Third Year 


Volunteering Roles: 

UL Clubs and Societies Committee – Swim Club Health & Safety Officer, Astronomy Society President, Clubs Officer 

UL Student Ambassador 

Online Science Video Judging with Reel Life Science – Judging Primary School Videos 

Engineers Ireland Young Engineers Award – Visiting primary schools and judging engineering projects 

Water Safety Instructor – Teaching Water Safety with Water Safety Ireland 


I volunteer for many different reasons. I live by the mantra, ‘if there’s something to be done, I’ll do it’ and love to help others and giving my time back to the people and communities that have accommodated me. The choice to go to UL was based on a few things; I feel accepted, have a wide range of activities to do every day and study a brilliant course with excellent facilities. Volunteering is my way to honour the opportunities I have been given. On the Clubs & Societies Committees and as a UL Ambassador, it feels great to promote the UL experience, organize events for students and show them that there is a place and an interest for everyone. Advocating Women in STEM is a passion of mine, which is greatly facilitated by the University. Through volunteering, I can promote STEM to children and hopefully inspire the future of science, which is such a rewarding experience. Teaching water safety is my favourite way to volunteer. As a competitive swimmer and lifeguard, I can use my love of swimming to teach all ages about the joys as well as highlight the dangers and how t be safe around water. It’s a unique feeling being able to teach someone a life skill ! 


I believe everyone should volunteer and it is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in the last 3 years of college. The people I’ve met, the skills I’ve learned and the opportunities that came from volunteering will stick with me forever. It is a way to take initiative and enrich your life. Many organizations are looking for volunteers so there will always be something to suit you if you find starting a bit daunting. Being able to give back time, teach a skill, help the vulnerable or just organize an event – it’s a great way to develop yourself as a person.  

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